Andrew Brooks Reflexology Portishead, Bristol and North Somerset

"I really appreciated Andrew's approach to my reflexology session, knowledgable and constructive. Adapting to my needs and listening to what my body required. The balance in my body is so much better! Thank you."
Kate, Portishead

"When I started seeing Andy for Reflexology I was suffering from lots of niggles colds and struggling to sleep well through the night. I chose to see Andy because I was impressed with his knowledge and passion for reflexology and found him really friendly and personable. After having had regular sessions my sleep improved and my immune system was boosted – my frequent sore throats and colds were banished completely! The whole experience of seeing Andy was brilliant so it is hard to pick out specific things that stood out. I particularly liked that Andy really listened to me before the treatment and tried to understand more about me. Also throughout treatment he was very perceptive and seemed to be able to know which areas needed more attention. He was calm, thorough and always made me feel completely comfortable and at ease at all times. I always finished feeling more positive, and that I had made a good decision investing time in seeing him. I found the sessions with Andy totally beneficial physically and psychologically – the improvements were rapid and striking. I have, and would continue to recommend him to anyone, either seasoned reflexology clients or anyone completely new to the practice. You will DEFINITELY enjoy the experience and reap the benefits of seeing Andy – he is really lovely man and a brilliant Reflexologist!"
Katherine, Yatton

"I was new to Reflexology but decided to give it a go as one of my family members said that it would be beneficial for me. The immediate benefits to my overall wellbeing were amazing.
The sessions gave me time-out to relax away from everyday stressors, and I was always left feeling totally relaxed but at the same time energised; it's the same feeling as after you've been for a lovely country walk, had a swim in the sea or done a bit of yoga.
I can't recommended Andrew highly enough (family and friends have regular treatments with him).
He is ever so knowledgable but at the same time caring which makes you feel safe and comfortable during treatments."
Georgia, Portishead

"I was extremely impressed by Andrew's understanding of his subject and having never experienced reflexology before or the results of it.
I certainly wished that I had had it before. His knowledge base is very sound and his enthusiasm for the work and his interest in me as a client was reassuring, enabling me to relax into the treatment.
He is confident in his skills and this comes across in the way he communicates and gives feedback. Andrews’s qualities of warmth, compassion and empathy, his kindness and sincerity coupled with his genuine wish to meet the client wherever they are in their health journey and to be on that journey with them makes him a brilliant practitioner. "
Deborah, Portishead

"Reflexology with Andrew has helped my overall health in so many ways. Following treatments I feel reenergised and my sleep is so much better. I treat it as part of keeping myself healthy"
Oscar, Portishead

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