Andrew Brooks Reflexology Portishead, Bristol and North Somerset

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to feel a difference?

Some people experience a difference straight away, with a sense of deep relaxation and a reduced tension common. From experience, usually 6 – 8 weekly treatments will give the best results. The time can sometimes be longer or shorter depending on how long the imbalance has been present.

I have ticklish feet, can you still treat me?

I use a gentle but firm pressure on the feet so even people with ticklish feet seem to be happy to receive a treatment. If this didn't work then I can give a treatment by working on the hands instead.

What’s the difference between Reflexology and a foot massage?

A common misconception is that Reflexology is a foot a massage, this is definitely not the case. A reflexology treatment is a very specific and often tailored treatment that focuses on precise points on the feet. Although relaxing, the sensation of a Reflexology session is definitely one of a focused treatment.

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